Friday, April 30, 2010

Welcome to my head with 7 weeks down and 3 weeks to go.

I left Colorado Springs on March 8th. Since then and until this past week at my parents house, I had not spent more than three nights in one place.

When I first set sail with Teresa Storch that day, I felt as though a tremendous weight had been lifted off my skinny shoulders. All the planning, anxiety and second guessing was over. I didn't have to worry about doing it because, finally! I was actually doing it.

The two weeks that followed were what I call "the honeymoon period". I got real sick with sinus funk while in Oregon and I had a hard time finding my singing voice even when I felt well, but I was ecstatic over the fact that I was doing it. Me, with no other income. Me, in my new car. The only thing I had to do everyday was play a show... I had no lessons to teach, no tasks to complete for Paul Franco. I was living and working for me and only me, to feed MY belly and MY soul - making myself a stronger man, songwriter, performer. It was scary as all hell committing myself to getting there, but I realized that I had gone pro. What a high! I knew I had made the right decision.

When I went back to Colorado Springs over Easter for a few days, the gravity of that decision and what it meant as far as the changes in my life really set in. I went home, but I had no home. My "stuff" is in storage. I stayed with my close friends and I was "back", but I was essentially still on the road - sleeping in guest beds, waking up and wondering where the hell the cereal bowls were. It blindsided me a bit. I had no idea it would affect me the way it did. I didn't break down and cry, or search craigslist for an apartment that I can piss large amounts of money away on - a place I'll only be living in half the time - all for that "feeling" of having a home base. It's just that I didn't foresee this. That's okay. It's good information. I would like it if that by the end of this year, if I'm making more money, I could get my own place... but it's a financial burden that I'm not ready to bear at this time. So I gotta buck up and get back to looking for the damn cereal bowls, wherever they are. Wherever I am.

Touring alone this past month has been so educational. When I wake up almost every night or morning, I have that moment where I have absolutely no idea where I am. This bothered me for a month or so, it started back in Oregon. Then last week while sleeping in my brother's bed in Chicago that he so kindly offered to me, it happened again - but this time I said "Ok, well fuck it. I'm going back to sleep, and I can be wherever I want to be right now." So now when this happens, I let the mind take over and I fall asleep. So far, I've gone back home to where I grew up, and I've gone back to Colorado Springs numerous times. I call it my "dreamy dream land", and it's helped me grow more cognizant of my dreams. I've also slayed dragons, saved princesses and played professional baseball. Doing that stuff in dreamy dream land is far better than trying to figure out who's bed I'm in at 3:45 in the morning in the real world.

I would rather play 7 shows in 3 days than no shows in 2 days. Playing is less exhausting than not playing, because I'm not getting that connection, that high. The lack of THAT is exhausting. Downtime sucks. When you're in a town and you don't know a soul, killing time (sometimes a whole day) before a show, and you don't have the money for a proper room, it can get you down. Being a homeless folk dude playing shows is the best thing I've ever done. Just being homeless, on the other hand, is a far different feeling. I have friends who have done what I'm doing and have counseled me as to what to do when this happens and I feel I have a better handle on it now.

In the last few weeks I've had some personal and performance breakthroughs. After the honeymoon period fatigue set in and I still feel it, just a little. It's not a sleepy tired but rather an "okay where do I gotta go now?" tired. That's to be expected. It doesn't deter me.

Aside from the people I've met, the friends I've made, the beautiful countryside and the ever changing scenery (I hate routine), the greatest thing that's come out of averaging 4 shows a week is the fact that I'm finally on my way to being the badass I know I will become. I'm at the top of my game thusfar in my career. I get my guitar on and I go to work. I feel my worst performance of the week right now was my best performance of the month three months ago. I'm a traveling folk robot. It's not about how many people are at the show, who's listening, who cares, how I'm praised or not praised. I just go to work and I do it. And I love it wholly.

So for those of you who've been asking "how are you doing?", well I'm doing real well thank you. The freak outs come, the moments of doubt creep in but they are just moments. Everyday, the loudest voice in my head is the one that's saying "Go Jeremy. You're doing it man. This is you. This is right. I love you."

Then I usually kiss myself.

Soon, a northeastern tour will begin - tomorrow actually, here in Waban, MA. I'm touring with Teresa again, back to Colorado Springs. When I return they may not recognize me.

Thanks to all of you for reading. More to come.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

MIDWEST TOUR DAYS 15 and 16 - 4/23-24/10 - Billy's Roadhouse - Pontiac, MI

Trying to put this first solo tour together on my own has been a challenge, and I'm very thankful to Matt Mansfield in Traverse City and Matt McClure in Waterford for their help. I put the fate of these last two weekends in their hands. I gave them dates and let them book it. I took off the control freak hat. I delegated. I focused on Minnesota and Green Bay and allowed them to take Michigan. They dealt with flaky venue owners, venues going out of business and last second cancellations (note this songwriter decided 7 years ago to pursue a career in performing elsewhere. See above as to why). They took on the stress while I shrugged and said "I know you'll take care of me", and they did. These are men of honor in the army of artistic expression, fighting towards our quest to not starve to death in the name of what we do.

Again, thank you Matt Mansfield and Matt McClure of Pied Cypher events.

Friday and Saturday, both nights at Billy's Roadhouse in Pontiac, MI. This place has come a long way in the last two years and I honored to have an extremely miniscule hand in that.

Billy is a class guy. Great crowds both nights. Sold 11 CD's. Gave away a ton of Jeremy fridge magnets. Saw old friends. Played "Not Home" per request of Teresa (Class of '96 Bronchos)... hadn't played it in years. Felt good, as I sang the second verse while pointing at the Wings game on TV. Sam Van Wagoner (Ken's nephew), TJ Kelly and Mike Stern all have talent coming out their ears and shared the nights with me. They kept me on my toes. I had to bring my A game.

On May 1st, the smoking ban finally goes into effect in Michigan. I missed it by one week, so I played in a fog of nicotine... this is my only complaint/regret.

Yeah I moved away, I had to... but I'll keep coming back.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MIDWEST TOUR DAY 14 - 4/22/10 - Good Beans Cafe - Flint, MI

(Photos coming soon)

Home cookin' indeed. And I'm not talking about food.

I woke up at 8 to take my mother to the dentist/orthodontist responsible for the beautiful set of teeth in my mouth. It was good to see Dr. Murphy again, who informed me that he was now taking guitar lessons. In thanks, Ma Fack took me to Bittersweet Cafe in downtown Holly, MI. Bittersweet is a must whenever I come back to this small town of 5,000 or so, this town I grew up in. So is Red Devil pizza, Arcade Antiques, and Carrie's Delights (now no longer Carrie's Delights).

I couldn't live here now (actually, based on what I'm doing right now I can't really live anywhere), and when you're young and pissed you hate where you live, but it wasn't a bad place to grow up.

I enjoyed a relaxing day with the folks before heading north to Flint for one of my now countless performances at Good Beans Cafe. Ken Van Wagoner, owner, opened Good Beans 10 years ago and my brother and I have been folking it almost as long. Ken's swell and he always has us back whenever we venture back "home".

Small crowd, but high quality. Dan Gerics opened and did a fine job... then joined me on a tune of mine that he usually covers on his own, "Songwriter Strikes Back". Dan tickled the ivory's in Ab while I caressed the frets. It was lovely and captured on video. I'd love to share it with you but blogspot won't allow me, it seems. Youtube soon.

Monday, April 26, 2010

MIDWEST TOUR DAY 11-13 - 4/19-21/10 - Respite in Traverse City, visit to Chicago, back to Holly, MI

MONDAY 4/19/2010

Monday and Tuesday have become my weekends, although many of the minutes in these days are spent busting tail on marketing, booking, blogging, updating the website, etc. I'm really excited at how my summer schedule has recently fallen into place and I look forward to taking a few weeks off from such dedication to the laptop to do other things that songwriters with "people" get to do, such as... write songs?

After three hours on the laptop I took the Mansfield's dog Owen, for a walk. I felt rather domesticated, rather normal. Anyone who passed us on the trail had no idea that this lovable beagle-lab mix wasn't my dog or that I didn't have a home nearby. It was a nice mental place to visit, just for 15 minutes. I often wonder what goes through the minds of fellow travelers when I arise from Ruby Tuesday around 6:30 am with floss in my teeth and dirty clothes plastered to my face. Then I realize that no one's really watching, anyway - and if they are, eff 'em.

Shannon made lasagna. I had a songwriting session with Matt. We watched the Tigers lose. It was swell. Big thanks to the Mansfield's for taking such great care of me.

TUESDAY, 4/20/2010

Sister Kara bought my ticket to see Ben Folds at The Vic in Chicago tonight. So I drove down to Michigan City, IN from Traverse City, MI this morning, to take the train into Chi-town and see my siblings.

Yes, the train. Thank you train. I will never drive in Chicago again. I've been burnt too many times with their "No Parking The Third Maundy Thursday Of The Decade When The Sun Hides Behind The Clouds And The Cubs Are In 4th Place..." my God. I've been towed and ticketed enough to learn that there's no reason to even bring Ruby into that windblown, overpopulated corner of the state. So I park in Michigan City and pay $15 for a round trip train ticket to and from Chicago.

Ben was great per usual. I think I've seen him 5 times now. I'm not even a big fan but when someone can perform your pants off you go back and get de-pantsed. Went back to Kara's and had a few drinks with little brother as well, who had to work tonight.

WEDNESDAY, 4/21/2010

Sis made us all a swell breakfast of pancakes, coffee, bacon and eggs. We walked over to the Brown Elephant to do some shopping (this is a place where they resell T-shirts for $2... most of my wardrobe has come from there, including the A.N. Pritzker shirt you'll see in most of my photos). I found a few things that perked my interest but kept what little money I have to myself for food.

My time with the siblings was far too short. Left Chicago on the 4:57pm train for Michigan City and arrived at the parents house, my former house in Holly, Michigan around 11 EST. Mom was up, we talked and watched the Tigers - win.

Home cookin'.

Monday, April 19, 2010

MIDWEST TOUR DAY 10 - 4/18/10 - Traverse City, MI - Union Street Station

A tad hungover this morning. Damn you, you Right Brain Brewing Sampler, and your hops and barley deliciousness!

Went for a run, threw the pill around with Matt and headed to Union Street Station, one of the oldest bars in Traverse City (it used to also be a brothel).

Played from 6-8 pm, a Sunday afternoon show. Tough draw, as the Red Wings were on at the same time. Someone once wrote a song about that... "I bled for them, I sweat for them, I always did my thing. But they never stopped to listen 'cause they'd rather watch the Wings." Not one of my stronger lines but true true true.

Ah well, despite the hockey team on TV (losing, by the way), I grabbed the ears of a lot of the people in attendance who weren't expecting to pay attention to me. Thanks Ann and James for their kind words and CD purchases.

A great weekend in Traverse City. I will be back, maybe later this summer. Cherry Fest 2011, for sure.

MIDWEST TOUR DAY 9 - 4/17/10 - Traverse City, MI - Crema Cafe

Had two shows booked for today. The show at Serenity Cafe disappeared when Serenity Cafe disappeared last week.

So a 4:30-7 show at Crema Cafe downtown, and then dinner and beers with my kin (Aunt Diane, Uncle Jim and Grandma Wilma Facknitz) who had come all the way up to Traverse City from Sterling Heights, MI just to see the Jeremy show (and do some shopping, see the bay, hit the casinos, etc.).

Small crowd on this cold and ugly Saturday afternoon. Two people who had seen the show last night at Horizon Books, Deb and Barry, had come back to see the show today at Crema Cafe and buy CD's. Awesome. And they got to see a Jeremy Facknitz show when Jeremy Facknitz is awake, because last night I scored about 10 hours sleep and was feeling like a thousand bucks again.

Matt Mansfield joined me on a few songs and played a few of his own. It was good to hear him again. He doesn't want you to know this because he's one of many musicians on this planet who are embarrassed to say they shared a stage with me, but we were in a band together when I was 19 and he was 15. We were... grrrreat.

Went out for walleye and booze afterwards. Tied a few too many on. Matt said something to rubbed me the wrong way and I said the "F" word in front of my Grandma. Apologized. Ah well. Great times.

MIDWEST TOUR DAY 8 - 4/16/10 - Drive through U.P. to Traverse City, MI - Horizon Books



I feel rugged.

Okay, yes, I may have a lot of pride. Could I ask my folks for $50 so I can stay at a Super 8? Sure. Could I pull out my credit card, slap it on a counter and get a warm bed, a shower, and a complimentary breakfast? Of course.

But my German pride won't allow me to even think of doing the first thing, and my hatred for banks and debt won't allow me to even think of doing the second thing. My belief in my ability to suck it up, or as we used to say in baseball "rub some dirt on it", keeps both of these ideas on the other side of my world.

So I left Green Bay last night around 9 central. Crossed the Michigan border and lost an hour. Drove until midnight, 1 o'clock to Escanaba, MI where I found a Super 8, parked Ruby and jumped in back for some shut-eye. Two hours later I awoke and couldn't fall back asleep. I was hungry, as the previous day I had eaten an orange, banana and a muffin. The pain wasn't intense, it was just enough to let me know it was there. I also had to pee, but it was cold in Escanaba last night. It is April, and when you find Escanaba on the map you'll realize that wow, this is north.

So I muttered a myriad of obscenities around 3:30 am eastern, climbed back into the drivers seat, got a weak gas station coffee-water and started making my way to Traverse City.

Going through the western U.P., a place I hadn't been since my youth, watching the sun slowly rise, stopping at each rest area along Lake Michigan... even in my sleep-deprived delirium, it was quite romantic. I love it up here. At one point I felt myself getting just a tad emotional about this homecoming, but that may have just been sadness over the shitty water-coffee I bought in Escanaba.

Drove over the bridge around 8 am. Filmed it... it just so happens Sufjan Stevens was in my CD player, the CD was "Michigan". I didn't plan this or stage this, it was all just happening, and timing. I don't know if this will upload or not (ugh. Video coming soon).

Got to T.C. around noon, and was so happy to see Mr. Matt Mansfield, his shower, his toilet, and his house. It was a palace because it had these three things.

Slept for a few hours and went to the radio station to promote the upcoming shows. Matt's a radio DJ.

Played a "Songwriters-In-The-Round" show with Rick Buist and Co., who were fantastic. We swapped songs for an attentive audience of about 40 or so. When I wasn't playing, I was sitting. Trying not to pass out. I stood up to play "Vaguely Alamosa" and realized I had no idea where I was, and thought that I might fall down. I then said "I'm not really here sometimes. I haven't slept. I'm sorry. Bear with me."

Despite my exhaustion and lack of energy in the voice, I sold a tour high 9 CD's. A fantastic audience. Thanks so much. Good to be home in the mitten.

Went back to Matt and Shannon's house I guess. Woke up there anyway. I honestly don't recall a thing after 9:16 pm.

MIDWEST TOUR DAY 7 - 4/15/10 - Green Bay, WI - Harmony Cafe w/Z-Man

Last night I got 9 hours of sleep in the back of Ruby Tuesday. This is a solid victory. Victory is nothing new to this town... I slept in a hotel parking lot in the shadows of Lambeau Field, and I'd like to think it rubbed off on me. Victorious in the battle for sleep.

I still hate the Packers, but I respect them. Just like the Twins. These franchises tend to make my Detroit franchises their proverbial "prison girlfriend", year after year after year. So I hate them, but I respect them.

Lambeau is surrounded by post-war suburban houses. Downtown Green Bay seems dwarfed by Appleton. Yet an NFL franchise resides here, arguably the most celebrated NFL franchise, and it is owned by the townspeople. In this day in the age of professional sports, what exists here is very, very special.

After visiting the site of countless Detroit Lions embarrassments (there are so many!), I made my way to Harmony Cafe, the Green Bay version.

Z-Man is an awesome performer with an A1 personality to boot, and opened the show for me. Thursday in Green Bay was nearly as tough as Wednesday in Appleton... small crowd, but as it was in Appleton last night those in attendance were quality. I sold 5 or so units, and people were extremely complimentary ("inspirational", raves the college aged beauty that only witnessed three songs).

Tonight I'll hit the road and travel north to Escanaba. I'll be in Michigan, the state that birthed me, for the first time since Christmas. I'll be in the upper peninsula for the first time in 13 years.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

MIDWEST TOUR DAY 6 - 4/14/10 - Appleton, WI - Harmony Cafe

Had a rough night's sleep last night. Had to pay off the credit card I had to use last week to survive and get me to Minnesota, so I'm back to zero... but that means I'm back to famine. So I'm tired, and can't really afford food, and I really don't know anybody in this town except my ex-girlfriend's childhood buddy. Oh, Minneapolis, how I miss you.

Took catnaps in the car throughout the day in anticipation for the folk show at Harmony Cafe. Harmony Cafe is located in the heart of downtown Appleton and I had little idea just how big Appleton was. I wrote some lyrics before the show. Being a Wednesday night, it was a tad rough... I played for my sound man Donovan and about 6 others who came and stayed (or went) over my two hour period. The small crowd allowed me to relax and try some new things, dust off some old songs and practice a bit (how long has it been since I played "All Of That To Me"?).

I considered the night a loss, but was pleased to find afterward that I actually sold 3 CD's. That equals up to sales to half my audience. The buyers had left by the time I had wrapped things up, so I never had the chance to thank them. So thank you. Driving on to Green Bay tonight to find a hotel parking lot in which to park Ruby Tuesday, climb in back and get a good nights sleep. Yes, I will sleep tonight.

Thinking positive.

MIDWEST TOUR DAY 4 AND 5 - 4/12-4/13 - Minneapolis, MN - Booking, chilling, fattening up on cereal

Monday and Tuesday. "Days off".

Or rather, hours spent on the laptop, booking. I'm really trying to fill some holes for the east coast tour in May and west coast tour in June. I realize that the venues don't have the same urgency that I do when it comes to nailing these dates down, so I try my best to stay patient and be persistent without becoming a pest. Gentle nudging, every four days or so. It will all fall into place.

Jen and Chris have spoiled me with food, glorious food! Pizza, steaks and cereal, oh my. Garlic mashed potatoes. Beer. Food wise and sleep wise, this tour has either been feast or famine with little in between - and right now I'm reveling in the feast.

Thanks to Jen, Chris, Joe, Faulhaber, Tim and the state of Minnesota for treating me so well these past few days.

MIDWEST TOUR DAY 3 - 4/11/10 - Minneapolis, MN - Acadia Cafe w/Leftmore

A day of blogging, another solid breakfast from Faulhaber, and a show at Acadia Cafe in downtown Minneapolis.

Acadia Cafe is a great spot just east of the Homer Dome (see pic of the roof that Don Kelly and countless others have lost baseballs in over the years).

I was excited to see Mr. Ziegler of Leftmore, who was headlining tonight and was oh so kind enough to put me on the bill.

Chris and Jen came by, my hosts for the next few days. Jen's been coming to my shows for nine years, going back to the old black and white days of the early 2000's at Good Beans Cafe. It was good to hear her noise after my songs as it took me back to the salad days of my career.

Tonight, I felt it. I got a few nights of good sleep. I was back in the rock element, the venue element, the element I love where I'm playing through a house system and my noise is blasting back at me through the monitors. My voice felt on, I felt relaxed and everything seemed align for the first time on this tour.

Life is good when that happens. It's been an adjustment getting used to this life, throwing myself into it - but tonight is what it's all about. No cover songs, an attentive audience and great bands to share the stage with. My God I was high on life after this show.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

MIDWEST TOUR, DAY 2 - 4/10/10 - Superior, Wisconsin - Red Mug Coffee with James Moors

After a wonderful breakfast feast fit for a king, cooked by none other than chef Faulhaber, I made my way north to Superior, Wisconsin (which is right across the water from Duluth, Minnesota) for my show with fantastic talent and friend of Teresa Storch, James Moors (

James just got back from touring Europe in tight, new, foot-blistering boots. He makes his home here in the greater Duluth area and was kind enough to allow me to open up for him, so that people would be there when I took the stage.

Drove north from Minneapolis on I-35 and came over a hill just south of Duluth that looks over Lake Superior. Now, I love my Colorado. I love my mountains. But I felt something when I saw all that fresh blue water. I guess you can take the boy out of the Great Lakes, but you can't take the Great Lakes out of the boy. I still have that water sloshing around in my lungs from all those boyhood swimmin' Michigan summers.

Still coping with the flem issues, I folked my way through a 45 minute set before James took over. Sold a few CD's and got some much needed encouragement from James and his lovely fans. I'll be returning in August. Thanks James, and Superior.

66 and sunny off Lake Superior today. People say it's a like a day in July here.

MIDWEST TOUR, DAY 1 - 4/9/10 - Mankato, Minnesota - KMSU Interview, The Coffee Hag

The above video was shot by Jeremy Facknitz' PEDAL CAM. Trivial Pursuer/Pinky and the Brain. Shot in the middle of my show at The Coffee Hag in Mankato, MN - 4/9/10 (ugh. Video coming soon).

I was sick, I was weak and I had started the song a step higher than I normally play it (too focused on filming the damn thing), but the good group of peeps at the Hag pushed me through. We had a grand time.

Earlier in the day, I played at the local college radio station KMSU. I unleashed the new Jeremy hit, "Cup O' Noodles" to the world... but I don't know who heard it. I wasn't sure if the segment would be live or pre-recorded to air later. Alas, it was indeed live and not recorded at all. So I didn't get the proper word out as to where to listen in. But Gully and I had a great time, they recorded "Cup O' Noodles" live and Gully said they might add it to their play list.

Thanks so much to the Hag staff who were so supportive and kind, who called up all their friends and insisted they get their asses to my show after hearing my soundcheck. That's special.

Faulhaber (he's like Prince, he just has one name and it's Faulhaber) came to the show. Brought some friends down from Minneapolis. He's an old fan/friend from Colorado Springs, my old Mile High Saloon days of 2007/2008. He offered me his floor. Tonight, I will sleep well.

TRAVEL TO START OF MIDWEST TOUR, Monday April 5th thru Thursday, April 8th. Nebraska to Minnesota.

After taking what ended up being my last shower and shave for a while, I left Colorado Springs once again on Monday April 5th. This time I was flying solo, and I was headed in a different direction, towards the midwest.

I didn't have another engagement until Friday at KMSU in Mankato, Minnesota - a radio interview. Thinking back, as low on fundage as I was, it may have been wiser for me to stay with Nick and Lisa Davey, or Mr. Joe Taylor, until Wednesday or so... then drive to Minnesota. I guess I was just chomping at the bit to get alone, or to get going. So rather than a comfy guest bed, I spent Monday night in the back of Ruby Tuesday in a Wal-Mart parking lot. At least I was in my space.


I woke up Tuesday and sat in a little cafe in downtown North Platte. I read a book that was on the shelf by the big red chair I had planted myself in (by the outlet, in order to charge my phone) about animals and their unconditional love for us, and what it does for us. I had a moment, a thought, a twinge that made my butt pucker - you know, the kind of feeling I imagine motherless women feel when they reach their upper 30's and they see a baby. My thought was, "I WANT A PUPPY!"

Yuck. There's plenty of time left in my life for that domesticated doggy dung. I'm a traveling troubadour right now, and "they say the road ain't no place to start a puppy" - they being "Journey", and it goes something like that.

I booked a gig at the North Platte Community Playhouse for August 21st, complete with radio interview the day of. Should be a grand time. Might make a mini-tour out of it, come as far east as Minnesota and head back west down on I-70. Sorry, just thinking out loud here.

I drove all day in the rain across Nebraska, avoiding interstates at all costs. Pulled into the Arby's in Sioux City Iowa around dusk. There wasn't a soul in the place except the man that had followed me in. We struck up a conversation over our beef and cheddar melts.

His name was Guy. He had just flown back in to Sioux City from LA, where he was visiting his wife and kids. He was working and living in Sioux City because this is where the job is. I told him a bit about what I was doing and he offered up his sofa. Exhausted and already starting to smell, I agreed.

The sickness that had returned to me was at it's peak, so I drank a dixie cup of NyQuil-equivalent that I had purchased earlier that day, and slept hard for 10 hours.

Thanks so much Guy.


Woke up rested, but felt like shit. With money running low ($60 in my checking), I knew that a night in the cold car would only worsen my ills. I talked myself into purchasing a room at the Super 8 at around 1pm... so that I could shower, rest and get a good 22 hours in a warm room all to myself. Karen at the Super 8 in Sioux City was kind enough to give me a 10% discount after I told her what I was doing. She was very sweet.

In the next 12 hours I took two baths, a shower, booked gigs, contacted venues and poetry slammed with another songwriter via the blackberry. I wrote a bad song, but I'm learning it's important to allow myself to write bad songs. You'll never hear it.

I think the only two rooms occupied in the whole place that night were by myself and this older couple in their 70's. I saw them as they were helping each other out of the car that morning. Why they put us in rooms next to each other I don't really know.

At about 11:30, their bed in the room next to me started pounding a slow and steady rhythmic beat. It didn't last long. It was funny, it was odd at first, and then I realized how beautiful it was, and how it gave me hope for growing old.

Of course, it could be that they were just fidgeting. Or having a seizure.

I chose to believe they were knocking boots.


Woke up refreshed, but man. Had it really only been three days since I left the Springs? This is tough. Being homeless and doing the music thing, getting the praise and love back, connecting with people.... that's good stuff. That's far different than being homeless and just being homeless. Passing time. This is the glory of what I do. This is touring alone with no shows booked for three days. It's far more exhausting than 6 shows in three days. I'd rather have that.

The rain in Sioux City had stopped and I made a beautiful drive north to Mankato, MN for my radio interview Friday and show at the Coffee Hag.

Snapped a few shots of the train depot for my father. He's a "Schnerd" or "Foamer", which are affectionate terms for "train geek". He's worked for the railroad for 100 years now, and I grew up on train tracks. Didn't live near 'em, but we drove to 'em all the time. In my life, the first sounds of live, knock-my-ass-over rock and roll came from these massive steel diesels that charged down the rails like bulls and blew their deafening horns when you least expected it. It always scared the shit out of me, so I'd want to cover my ears, but my dad and his fellow "Foamers" never covered their ears and I wanted to be tough(?) like them. So I would let it deafen me, and then pee in my pants a little.

Anyway, the depot shots are included. Mankato is awesome. Tonight I'll return to the not-so-comfy-confines of Ruby Tuesday and get ready for what I'm out here, drifting, to do.


Monday, April 5, 2010


Oh shit. I might get in trouble here... yes, I was in Colorado Springs for 3 days. I knew that between Easter brunch with the Davey's, restocking my supplies for the next tour and other errands, I would not have time to see everyone. So I laid low.

Please don't be offended (although, I can only think of one person that MIGHT be offended - really, the previous words typed are little more than self-loving, ego spew).

Easter brunch. Dinner and a lovely hike with a close friend. Bocce ball. My sinus troubles returned.

That's about the long and the short of it.

It was wonderful.

Monday night (with no sports to watch since MSU bowed out to Butler on Saturday), I begin heading east to Minnesota for a busy weekend of performances. Touring alone, for the first time ever.

Damn I'm psyched.

Go Bulldogs.

Day 24/25 - March 31st and April 1st - Driving day from Bozeman to Longmont, show in Fort Collins at Avo's Number

We've run the gamete of seasons on this tour. From the warm sunny skies of Sacramento to the blustery white outs of Wyoming, we've seen a years worth of weather in these few weeks. It's kind of like - living in Colorado Springs during March and April?

Long drive Wednesday. I love Ruby Tuesday, but I'm ready to break out of her. The lower back has felt better, I have to admit.

Despite her cruelty towards my lumbar, I lovingly cleaned her out and washed her down Thursday afternoon. I left Colorado Springs 25 days before with 997 miles on her. Today, she reads over 6,100.

T and I made our way to our last show together until April 29th... Avogadro's Number in Fort Collins. Michael and James attended. They are Storch fans and hopefully, now, Facknitz fans as well. They seemed entertained by our now tight theatrics and bought us drinks afterwards. We played really well for the enthusiastic crowd of 4, and Rob compensated us more than fairly. I would LOVE to return. Very cool place.

Tomorrow, home. The city of Colorado Springs is calling. I wasn't going to go back this time, but the county of El Paso requests $408.03 for two pieces of tin and stickers, a.k.a. plates for Ruby Tuesday. I love car ownership! I love car ownership! I love it!

Not that I have a choice with what I'm doing here, anyway.

Day 22/23 - March 29th, 30th - Off day from Spokane to Bozeman, show at The Filling Station

Monday morning, Spokane Washington. Sunday, after breakfast and basketball, we hopped in Ruby Tuesday and began our long trip back east to Fort Collins, stopping again with Karl in Spokane. After hours booking and emailing at casa de Karl, we continued east to Livingston where we would crash out at Ani's house, former life-coach to the star, T. Storch.

Ani is cute. She could run a successful B and B if she had such desires. Talk about presentation; candles, folded towels, notes... everything short of the mints on the pillows.

Tuesday we worked some more(quite sick of the laptop, would like to trade it in for a pen, paper and my guitar) before making our way back west a half hour to Bozeman for our show at The Filling Station, opening for the Tom Cook Band.

Ran into Mr. Peter King, with whom I had shared a bill with in Pueblo last year. Got to see him with the band, and it was all quite tasty. Forgot that he lived in Bozeman. The Tom Cook Band was equally tasty. The snow storm kept the numbers down, but we had a swell time nonetheless.

T and I celebrated our last out-of-state performance for a while with a couple of Fat Tires. I'm tired. I'm looking forward to the weekend, getting a few days off and heading out east fresh - and alone.