Monday, November 19, 2012

10 Year Reunion Show, "Standing Room Only"

Well, it's all finalized. The rehearsing is going well - individually, of course, since we spend our daily lives 1074.42 miles apart. The CD itself will be in my hands within a few days. Ken Van Wagoner is preparing The Anteroom, and all of Flint is counting down the days to December 28th rather than Christmas.

In my head.

Nevertheless, this is going to be a very special night. I can't stress this enough... come for yourselves, not for us... because we are going to seriously light up your post-Christmas weekend. Make sure you attend the STANDING ROOM ONLY 10 YEAR REUNION/LIVE CD RELEASE PARTY happening at THE GOOD BEANS CAFE in Flint, Michigan on Friday, December 28th 2012. My wife, life-partner and best friend Lindsay Facknitz will be opening the show, showing off her amazing gift to Michiganders for the first time ever in her career. Admission is only $5 for this once every 10 years event. CD's will be $10 and WILL NOT be available online until March 2013. So the only way you can get your hands on one before then is by purchasing yours AT THIS SHOW.

The Good Beans Cafe is located at 328 N. Grand Traverse in Flint, and the music kicks off at 6:30pm. Happy New Year! For more details, read below.

w/Lindsay Weidmann (Facknitz)
Friday, 12/28/2012
328 North Grand Traverse
FLINT, MI 48503
(810) 237-GOOD
6:30 to 9pm, all ages
$5 cover per person
$10 for CD (optional)

Thanks, and we'll see you there.

Monday, May 7, 2012

STANDING ROOM ONLY 10th Anniversary LIVE CD and Reunion Show

(For those of you who've entered my life in the last 10 years, "Standing Room Only" was the name of the acoustic duo I shared with brother Jarod. We played relentlessly to coffee-swillers in Michigan, Chicago and Cincinnati for 2 years).

Hey there, all you nostalgia junkies!

You know who you are... Weaselberries, Amy Wilson, Brandi Dicks, Jarod's Oakland University friends, Brian Harvey, Ken Van Wagoner, that Diane girl that made me a comp disc, Suzanne, Sneezy, Happy, Dopey and if I forgot you, enter your name here... "__________"...

You used to attend "Standing Room Only" shows. You used to scream. You used to listen. You used to undress us with your eyes, and don't think we didn't notice. We were all firmer, younger and full of hope. Now we're old, have children and nearly all of our dreams have died! So we all look back with fondness to days of old... when internet wasn't everywhere. When we cared about whether or not Rachel and Ross would ever be together. And when, to a tiny number of beautiful, supportive people in southeastern Michigan, our music and our effort meant something; to you and to us.

My brother and I have recently stumbled upon some really, really good live recordings of our shows from the height of our tightness (and, somewhat sadly, popularity), the spring and summer of 2003. We're releasing a 10th anniversary LIVE CD to the public, which will consist of tracks from some of our shows at the Lunch Studio in Flint, MI, All That Java in Fenton, MI, The Sunflower Cafe in Cincinnati, and others.

But we're not just going to mix and master some old tapes, release it online and make 10's and 15's of dollars off it... no, no.
We're gonna PLAY.

For the first time in 9 years Jarod Facknitz and I will perform as "Standing Room Only". The show will take place at Good Beans Cafe this fall or winter. There will be at least a 3 month notice, and it will be one night and one night only. We hope you can make it, as, like us, most of you no longer live in Michigan. We understand if you can't make it, but know that we will hate you forever if you don't come, and Jarod will hunt your first born. Haha! J/K! That mean's "just kidding"! (or does it mean, "Jarod kills"?)

No release date is set as of yet, as we are still mixing and mastering and trying to figure out song order as well as which songs we're going to omit (there's a cover of "Lovesick Blues" by Hank Williams that's less than stellar, to say the least).

Stay tuned to the blog for updates, and thanks for caring.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Happy Twenty-Twelve, dear reader!

It's been long while since I posted a few words here, and I figured New Years Day was as good a day as any to do so.

While the blogs have been few and far between, I can assure you I'm still very much alive. In fact, 2011 may have been the best year of my life. I imagine 1979 is right up there - with the constant shower of love and attention, the 14 hours a day spent in slumber and the wiping of my butt being done by someone else. But I don't recall.

I've spent the last 8 months under the tutelage of my boss and former guitar student at Ameriprise Financial. Through this time I've laughed, cussed, spit and even quit for 6 hours. Most importantly I've learned the ins and outs of financial advising and believe it's something at which I could excel. I will take my securities licensing exam come March. We'll see what happens after that. After 14 years relying on tips for grocery money, a paycheck every two weeks seems like a beautiful thing.

Lindsay and I are now living together in Cheyenne Canyon. We're planning our wedding, which will take place this September in Colorado Springs. To say we're doing great, growing painfully but beautifully, and that I'm the luckiest man on the planet is the understatement of the young year.

Music is still a large part of my life, and will continue to be. I have four recording projects I hope to complete for 2012, but I no longer teach lessons and the shows stay close to home (Colorado Springs, Palmer Lake, Manitou Springs). I will say that due to the paycheck, the pressure's off when I'm behind the microphone. I haven't had this much fun playing music since the early days with The Ottomans. I guess it was around 1998 that I started taking myself uber-seriously as a songwriter, and woke up from that fog in August of 2010 really pissed off. With that behind me, with healing and proper perspective in place, I'm free to actually enjoy myself again.

Keep an eye on for show information, and if you haven't already, friend request me on facebook if you're interested in remaining "in the loop" when it comes to shows and news on releases.

Thank you for your support, and all the best,